A Week in Photos

September 25 – October 1
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I Attended Nashville’s Women’s March on Washington & These are the Thoughts Going Through My Mind

On Saturday, January 21, 2017, two friends and I marched with 15,000 men and women in downtown nashville to support women’s right and that means women of all races and transgender individuals, too. In a world where there is so much hate and judgement it’s especially important to be confident in what you believe in.


While at the march I felt such an overwhelming sense of pride and freedom “I’m an American. I have the freedom to do this,” wouldn’t leave my mind. I saw people of all ages and races walking, singing, and laughing together. We were all there supporting each other. I do have a voice and in this free country we live in we are able to express that.

The Women’s March on Washington is not solely a march about abortion. That has something to do with it, yes we all know that. But I can guarantee there were many people in that crowd who personally do not believe abortion is right.


As a Christian, this has been a conflicting topic for me. I know God does not see it as okay, ever. However, I do not believe Christians should steer the reigns on how the general public lives their lives. Not everyone in America is part of the Christian religion. Therefore, we should not force people to live by those standards.

So a bunch of people who call themselves ‘feminists’ go shout and protest with their signs downtown. But what exactly is a feminist?

Feminist (n) : the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes
***equality of the sexes***

Please now feminists are not all:
– Man-haters
Full of hate
Non-religious or Anti-Christian

There will always be individuals who make a group look bad. Always. Those who are hateful, disrespectful, or just outright unpleasant. Do not associate all feminists with those who are spreading hate. Feminists are regular men and women who think we should all be treated the same.

In an article on The Odyssey by Gina Davis titled “I Am A Female And I Am So Over Feminists,” she goes on about how she doesn’t appreciate the way ‘feminists’ put men down for being nice…or just simply for being a man in society. Davis mentions feminists are infuriated when a date pays for their check which definitely an over exaggeration. I can just go ahead and say if you’re giving me free food, I will never say no. The females who would reject a date paying for her meal, in the name of feminism, probably has the wrong attitude towards it. Chivalry is still a thing and we do appreciate it. 

As a feminist (remember that means someone who believes in being treated equally), I take pride in taking my boyfriend on dates and paying for his meal from time to time. That is equality. That is feminism. My boyfriend still takes care of me and I would never tear him down for doing so. Davis is not speaking about actual feminists, but speaking of those who label themselves as feminists but are in fact giving us a bad name. 

When you do not agree with a certain opinion, such as the idea as feminism (or your warped perception), it’s easy to find a million things wrong with it. I get that.


Which leads me to start talking about the man who we now call president. 

This walk was not a pro-Trump event, either. So automatically, if you are pro-Trump, you’re probably anti Women’s March on Washington and the word ‘feminism’ anyway. He has degraded women and that alone was enough reason to march on Saturday. I’m not going to go into political mumbo jumbo, but he is scary. He might “Make America Great Again,” and I honestly doubt he will, but as the president I hope he does. America has voted in a TV reality star to guide this country. This is a JOKE


At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what your (or my) political perspective is. What I do care about is kindness, and I do not support anyone who is disrespectful when it comes to accepting difference of opinion. Whether we have the same views or not, if you cannot accept someone thinks differently than you, please sit back and evaluate your attitude. We do live in America, a free country, and it’s important to understand why someone thinks the way they do.

Coming from a conservative family, I’d like to give a shoutout to my dad for teaching me that difference of opinion is okay. My parents listen to me and I listen to them. We agree to disagree. At the end of the day, they still love their liberal daughter who isn’t scared to stand up for what she believes in. 



Does everyone feel nostalgic about your hometown at some point or another or is it just me? Is that what is feels like to be “homesick” – something I’ve never admitted to before?

After leaving home almost 6 months ago, I haven’t looked back since besides a short 24 hour visit to celebrate the great dads in my life. I’ve been busy with online school, an internship, a job, and building and maintaining new friendships. Now that I’m settled in my big city, I can’t help to think of what I would do if I moved back to my hometown. Who would I hangout with? Where would I work? I’d get to see my friends and family a lot more, but would I always be wondering about what else is out there?

I’ve also had an intense wonder of what is actually ‘out there.’ I’ve been very tempted to just get on a megabus and go. (I’m now obsessed with megabuses since a coworker introduced them to me)

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I’m learning about who I am and that can be scary. Do you ever do things that are out of character? I do. And those are the thoughts that keep me up at night sometimes. I’ve learned a lot about forgiveness and why people do it. How can some people do it so easily? Those people are good people.

I’ve been writing letters and baking more lately, those are two things I love, that make me feel like myself. How come the yummiest treats have the worst ingredients? Like a whole stick of butter. Comfort food.

The letters are so personal and they make me actually use my brain. Not the brain I use when studying statistics, but the brain I use when I’m having a conversation with a close friend; the kind where you can’t even catch your breath.

What I’m really trying to say is: I’ve been drinking coffee past 5pm and I need to reconsider next time. Life is weird and it happens all the time without slowing down.

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A Life Revive: Noticing the Monotony and Embracing Small Changes

It’s so easy to get used to the swing of things. The routines, tasks, and work we have every day can become mundane without even realizing it. It’s sometimes hard to step back and take a look at our lives from an outside perspective, too.

There are things we can’t necessarily change all of a sudden like roommates or sucky job positions, but there are things you can do to make these not-so-ideal situations (such as life lol) more bearable.


Good night’s rest

Relaxing and snuggling into bed are probably high on anyone’s ‘favorite things’ list. It’s not easy to go to bed at a decent hours but oh it does make such a difference. Putting a couple things off until tomorrow here and there will make you just that much stronger in the morning and maybe you won’t have that fog over your head when you wake up!

If winding down is hard for you, I’ve shared some tips on getting relaxed before bed a few months ago on the blog.


Set A Routine Skeleton

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One of the hardest things to accomplish is having an order to your day. Week by week, day to day, things change, and that’s completely normal. It can throw off good eating habits and your well-planned workout schedule.

Instead of beating yourself up when your tasks aren’t completed in order, praise yourself when you’re able to get most of them done.

I think this is a truly important things to remember.



Pluck negative people


The people around you have more of an effect on you than you would ever imagine. I’ve had many, many instances where I was in the best mood, then someone comes along and ruins it with a rotten attitude.

Be encouraging. Ask how your roommate’s or coworker’s day was (even if you honestly could care less). We never know what’s going on in other people’s minds.

The most rewarding part is realizing how much better off you are without those people in your life who drag you down. It’s worth a shot and can really save you a heartache in the end.


Check Yourself Out

giphy (18)The daily, Monday through Friday, hair and makeup routine gets old, let’s admit it. Same foundation, same winged eyeliner – it’s always pretty but after seeing it everyday can be monotonous.

How about next time you get ready, just stop and look at yourself. (If you’re like me you’ll end up bursting out with laughter) You are gorgeous, COME ON! This might sound like the silliest thing you’ve ever read, but it can really lighten you mood and boost your confidence – which are two things that steadily increase productivity.


Make ‘Me’ Time

IMG_0491Being surrounded by people all the time can be extremely comforting and humbling. Never take this for granted – embrace it to its fullest. The time comes when we need to take some time for ourselves. It can be hard when work or family are always #1 on the priorities list.

I’m no expert on this subject because I’m not married, no children, and I only work part time. However, I know one thing’s true: alone time is important. I love having a ‘Kayla day’ where I go to the mall by myself to slowing finger through every item in the sale rack twice, share an ice cream with myself, and sing all the song I want to hear in the car.

My ‘me time’ is special for so many reasons – one being it makes me realize how vital my family and friends are. If I had no one, this time by myself would take on a whole different meaning.


Take a walk. Bust a loop around town. Go to your morning yoga class.


Remember who you are, what you have, and know that you mean so much to so many people. Life can be so very monotonous so we need to make it a priority to sit back and help ourselves.


Summer ’16 | Products I Can’t Live Without

It’s summer and I’m trying to enjoy it…growing up in the Mississippi heat didn’t make me accustomed to it like you would think, so I always dread the humidity and….sweating. However, this year I’m embracing it. I have a few new products that are basically a summer survival guide. Let me know your summer must-haves in the comment section below! Or what are some products you ended up not liking?

50+ SPF Face Sunscreen

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Honestly, I switch up brands every time but it’s important to keep those cheekies protected. I use a tanning oil on my body that has an SPF of 4, but when it comes to my face I don’t take a chance to get burnt. This is water resistant and doesn’t clog ya pores.

Floral Precious Oil

Processed with VSCO with t1 presetSun = sweat and that means sometimes you might not smell as you’d like. This Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb precious oil lasts all day and smells like I just rolled around in a field of flowers. You can see my product review HERE.

Lush(ious) Tea Tree Cleanser

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One of my favorite brands, hands down, is Lush. Their fresh, handmade cosmetics are all natural and cruelty free. Last week, I picked up this Tea Tree Cleanser for my face and it can be used for much more! It eliminates grease  but can also be placed on bug bites or ingrown hairs. It was a great investment and has definitely come in handy when mosquito bites become unbearably itchy.

Cheeky Cherry Dry Shampoo

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I’m still new to the world of dry shampoo – this is only my 2nd bottle ever in my life, and it’s a game changer. When I leave the pool I just spritz down my hair and it’s all fresh! It also makes me feel okay about not washing my hair every.single.day. This product is also cruelty free AND smells like cherries. It’s a great investment fa sho.

No one hired me to write this blog post, so I’m not obliged to write a conclusion. I’ve never felt more free. Thanks for reading!

New Beginnings: Nashville Edition

So it’s official: I’ve transplanted to Nashville, and have gotten used to life outside Mississippi. Spring has been the perfect time to transition because the weather is ideal, classes are over (for now) and I had a chance to do some major Spring Cleaning.

I’ve been planning this move for about 6 months and it didn’t seem real until the morning I moved. I realized I had to leave because I started my new job in a couple days and had nowhere to sleep in my own apartment in Mississippi. It was surreal and made me want to drag my feet to get ready that morning. However, I took an 8am final and hit the road immediately after.


My new home in Nashville is my favorite. I found it while in Mississippi and it ended up being a keeper! We’ve been here for about 3 weeks and are still looking for the perfect pieces to go in our living room, bedroom and kitchen. It’s a JOB for sure.

The bedroom is so cozy and now that our bedframe is here it actually feels like a bedroom. The first week we had a mattress on the floor. Not ideal. We keep finding the cutest “posters,” they’re actually wrapping paper. At about $3 apiece, they’re super affordable and better than anything we’d find at Urban Outfitters. We find these at craft and paper stores, some from Asheville and others form right here in Nashville.


There’s a musician’s corner where we have…the drums. I’m glad they have headphones. 🙂 I wasn’t thrilled they were going in our bedroom at first, but it’s really not bad at all! Sometimes I even go over and do my thang with them. We also have some shelves up for candles, vinyl and cameras. Between the two of us, we own 5 cameras. Who needs that many?! IMG_2301

The kitchen is a very important place. Max and and I both love to cook so we had to make sure the kitchen is ready for anything we decide to whip up spur of the moment. We’ve been experimenting with the crock pot and it has been very successful!

I’ve been feeling like a kid in a candy story since we do a lot of our shopping at Trader Joe’s. There aren’t any in Mississippi so they are are really missing out! The fruit and veggies are priced well (as well as everything else in the store) and they’re GMO-free. I love it there.


Our coffee is probably the most important thing in our daily routine. I refinished this shelf and found those adorable mid century modern legs to hold it up. (Thanks to my stepdad, Les for helping me put those on!) There are so many options for methods of making coffee but I usually stick to regular drip. It gets the job done for me. Max on the other hand takes the time to perfect the Chemex. Bless him.



Percy has been such a good little traveler! She actually loved being in the car and sat on my shoulders for the majority of the 5 hour ride. Such a relief.

She’s even gotten used to the train that’s directly in our backyard. You can actually see it from our kitchen and bedroom windows! Percy spent the first night in her new home hiding behind the couch, poor thing. Now she’s well adjusted and even has a favorite spot in the windowsill in the bedroom. She hasn’t been idle enough for me to snap a pic yet. She’s always running around the house, being sassy, and playing fetch with her stuffed banana. She rolls around on the floor where the sun hits and lies on top of the couch when we watch television. Shes loves it here, so I guess we can stay.


I love Nashville, my job, my house, my friends. I’ve said multiple times: it’s like I haven’t even moved anywhere new because I’ve been visiting for more than 2 years so I’m familiar with the city. I’m just having to learn how to get around by myself now.

It’s all worth it and I still can’t believe after 22 years, I’ve moved away from Mississippi. I’m not sad but I miss my family every day. If you ever want to move, I’d suggest it to anyone. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Have a date planned and go for it.



That Awkward Moment When You Don’t Post for 3 Weeks

Hey!!!! I’m back!!!!!

          I haven’t had the energy, time, or motivation to even think about writing anything for my blog in about 3 weeks…which is so unusual. Honestly, I haven’t done much of anything besides school and work. It’s (finally) passed the midpoint of the semester so I’m getting close! I’ve been a tad bit frazzled and going through the motions lately.

Processed with VSCOcam with a2 presetMax took me on a surprise anniversary trip to Asheville for spring break and it was just the break I needed. Asheville is so beautiful. I love the mountains, clean air, and the recurring smell of patchouli. We went to so many breweries, our favorite is Wicked Weed, and we ate dinner while listening to bluegrass. I was just what I needed, and now I’m back in action. Sometimes we all just need a break.

I have so many plans for blog stuff and I’m going to continue where I left off in my Journey to Simplicity series. That’s huge part of my life right now. I’m still working on cleaning out my closet and giving away or selling all the things I don’t really need!

      Things are happening. : )


Chattanooga for the Weekend

Last weekend was Valentine’s Day. Ahh, the day normally filled with too much candy and oversized stuffed animals. I got to see Max, which is the best part. Long distance is crazy, but we’ve gotten the whole planning in advance thing down. His brothers and their significant others came too so we got that bonding time in. We always have the BEST time together. They’re my fam and I love them.

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About a month ago, Max ordered Mutemath tickets for the two of us as my Valentine’s Day gift!

It felt like this weekend would never come, but alas, it has come and gone. *sad*

I bought Max’s dinner and got him a little customized cookie from 929 Coffee that said “BB.” Unfortunately, there’s no evidence the cookie ever existed because we ate it the moment I gave it to him!

First of all, Chattanooga is beautiful. Being from Mississippi, I don’t see many mountains. So anytime I see something other than flat land I’m basically freaking out and wanting to move there.

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We got tickets to the Chattanooga Aquarium – that place is huge!

We saw beautiful creatures and I touched a Sturgeon fish. Very unlike me. Surprisingly it wasn’t slippery but felt like a wet rock. Still freaky though!



They have the river and the ocean aquariums, I always find the river creatures the most intriguing because I’m from the South and very familiar with most of those fish. But the ocean aquarium was filled with so many beautiful fish. My favorite are all the pretty jellyfish! Always. I shared my trip on Snapchat. My username is kay0 [that’s a zero] 😉



We stayed at a cute home with AirBnb that fit the four of us comfortably. The host, although we never had a chance to actually meet him, was so kind and worked well with our conflicting schedules. He had a huge bowl of fruit, coffee and tea, and bagels waiting for us when we arrived. Such a great host!

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Frazier Avenue was lined with cute little shops and Clumpies Ice Cream. I maintained self control and only sampled!

One thing I noticed were the footprints on the sidewalk. They were actually little step-by-step instructions on how to dance! I love when a city’s quirkiness is exposed. There were also brick pianos on the sidewalks. So cute!



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Max and I stopped for a quick little cortado at Revelator. I’m familiar with the location in Nashville but had no idea there was one in Chattanooga.

I always need a mid-day coffee break, especially days like that when I’m on the road. I don’t know about you, but a long car ride makes me one tired girl.



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We had dinner The Flying Squirrel, which I will recommend to anyone traveling to Chattanooga, and oh my gosh YUM! I had the tofu tacos and Max had the duck tacos. How can you go wrong there?!

The Flying Squirrel has such a chill vibe. The lights are dimmed and they played 80s new wave. Just my kind of place all around. It’s within walking Distance of Track 29, the venue where Mutemath played.


We had a great time at the show. Max and I have been listening to Vitals since its release so it was great to finally see it all in person. They were completely flawless. One of my favorite parts was when the drummer gave the front row gloves that make drum noises when he gave them high fives. So he was drumming on the audience!


After the show we found a 24 hour diner that felt like something in a movie. I was so tired, my phone was dead, we had been cramped like sardines on the ride over there and I was starving. Not a great combo. I just had a cheesy biscuit (I guess it was breakfast time?!), it was just what I needed. However, next time I’m getting a piece (or whole) cake. They have SO many omg. In spinning display cases, too. So tempting.

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I fell in love with Chattanooga and cannot wait to visit again soon! I had the best Valentine’s Day weekend. ❤