Bridge Nine Candle Co. | Pineapple Sage

Living in the South has always been such a blessing I take for granted. The weather is pretty much always warm. We truly don’t know what a real winter’s like here (I experienced it first hand in NYC back in December and it was more than I expected). Okay, we have our sold spells but it’s really nothing compared to the winter ‘up there’.
However, down here we get a taste of the sun’s warmth sporadically through the winter months so it’s pretty tempting to begin gardening and spring cleaning a little early every year. After all, it allows more time to actually stop and smell the flowers once they decide to make their appearance.
For spring this year I want to incorporate more plants in my home (hopefully I won’t kill them), flowers, and everything else that makes a home feel alive and bright but still sink-in-the-couch-and-binge-Golden Girls-comfortable. I absolutely cannot wait until the warm weather is a constant and friends are in and out of the house all the time. I’m at my happiest when I host a group in my home. That’s why it’s so important for the living space and kitchen to be warm and inviting.
One thing that never fails to add coziness to a space are candles. I usually keep a mixture of all different scents I use anytime throughout the year – I just put away a pumpkin spice candle I’ve been burning since September. No shame.
The scent filling up my home currently is Pineapple Sage from Bridge Nine Candle Co. These soy candles are  sourced from American farmers, which makes this product worth every penny. It’s fruitiness intertwined with the earthy sage has great depth. I really love that the sage cuts the sweetness of the pineapple that creates such a happy blend. The scent coats my entire living room as soon as I light it up and even comes with a book of matches! Adorable. It’s the little things.
 Bridge Nine Candle Co. is offering all of my readers a 20% discount off all orders – simple use the code ‘neutralfig’ when purchasing. Make sure you follow me on Instagram to stay updated with the latest blog posts and special offers.
Image credits: Max Palmer 

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