I Attended Nashville’s Women’s March on Washington & These are the Thoughts Going Through My Mind

On Saturday, January 21, 2017, two friends and I marched with 15,000 men and women in downtown nashville to support women’s right and that means women of all races and transgender individuals, too. In a world where there is so much hate and judgement it’s especially important to be confident in what you believe in.


While at the march I felt such an overwhelming sense of pride and freedom “I’m an American. I have the freedom to do this,” wouldn’t leave my mind. I saw people of all ages and races walking, singing, and laughing together. We were all there supporting each other. I do have a voice and in this free country we live in we are able to express that.

The Women’s March on Washington is not solely a march about abortion. That has something to do with it, yes we all know that. But I can guarantee there were many people in that crowd who personally do not believe abortion is right.


As a Christian, this has been a conflicting topic for me. I know God does not see it as okay, ever. However, I do not believe Christians should steer the reigns on how the general public lives their lives. Not everyone in America is part of the Christian religion. Therefore, we should not force people to live by those standards.

So a bunch of people who call themselves ‘feminists’ go shout and protest with their signs downtown. But what exactly is a feminist?

Feminist (n) : the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes
***equality of the sexes***

Please now feminists are not all:
– Man-haters
Full of hate
Non-religious or Anti-Christian

There will always be individuals who make a group look bad. Always. Those who are hateful, disrespectful, or just outright unpleasant. Do not associate all feminists with those who are spreading hate. Feminists are regular men and women who think we should all be treated the same.

In an article on The Odyssey by Gina Davis titled “I Am A Female And I Am So Over Feminists,” she goes on about how she doesn’t appreciate the way ‘feminists’ put men down for being nice…or just simply for being a man in society. Davis mentions feminists are infuriated when a date pays for their check which definitely an over exaggeration. I can just go ahead and say if you’re giving me free food, I will never say no. The females who would reject a date paying for her meal, in the name of feminism, probably has the wrong attitude towards it. Chivalry is still a thing and we do appreciate it. 

As a feminist (remember that means someone who believes in being treated equally), I take pride in taking my boyfriend on dates and paying for his meal from time to time. That is equality. That is feminism. My boyfriend still takes care of me and I would never tear him down for doing so. Davis is not speaking about actual feminists, but speaking of those who label themselves as feminists but are in fact giving us a bad name. 

When you do not agree with a certain opinion, such as the idea as feminism (or your warped perception), it’s easy to find a million things wrong with it. I get that.


Which leads me to start talking about the man who we now call president. 

This walk was not a pro-Trump event, either. So automatically, if you are pro-Trump, you’re probably anti Women’s March on Washington and the word ‘feminism’ anyway. He has degraded women and that alone was enough reason to march on Saturday. I’m not going to go into political mumbo jumbo, but he is scary. He might “Make America Great Again,” and I honestly doubt he will, but as the president I hope he does. America has voted in a TV reality star to guide this country. This is a JOKE


At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what your (or my) political perspective is. What I do care about is kindness, and I do not support anyone who is disrespectful when it comes to accepting difference of opinion. Whether we have the same views or not, if you cannot accept someone thinks differently than you, please sit back and evaluate your attitude. We do live in America, a free country, and it’s important to understand why someone thinks the way they do.

Coming from a conservative family, I’d like to give a shoutout to my dad for teaching me that difference of opinion is okay. My parents listen to me and I listen to them. We agree to disagree. At the end of the day, they still love their liberal daughter who isn’t scared to stand up for what she believes in. 



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