Bloomin’ Jack-O-Lantern DIY

Fall is here. Finally! September 22 is the day most of us have been waiting for! The leaves are starting to change and the sun isn’t as harsh when it’s shining, but it’s still warm here in Tennessee. These are all things I find beautiful along with the spookiness and crispness of Halloween time.

This year, along with some Pinterest inspiration, I found the easiest and, in my opinion, cutest decor for outside your front door. These pumpkins are easily found at Walmart or any other store that sells Halloween costumes, and they are usually no more than $1. When I was little I only remember them being neon orange though….not pink and green or blue? Oh well. I’m not asking any questions.

I absolutely love plants. I’ve really picked up on my green thumb lately. I would suggest to double check and make sure the plants you choose are made to last during the fall and winter months. I know a lot of stores are still trying to get rid of the leftover summer plants.

This craft is right up my alley, because all together it cost me under $20. The real task is going to be keeping the flowers alive! Wish me luck. I’d like to give a shoutout to my mom for helping me make these. She said she never crafts, but she enjoyed making them with me.


Things You’ll Need:

  • plastic Jack-O-Lantern candy bucket
  • Primer spray paint* (white)
  • Any fall color spray paint*
  • Fall Plant
  • Extra Potting Soil
  • Hammer + Nails (trust me)

*make sure the spray paint you choose is made for plastic, I used Rust-oleum. It will say if it’s plastic-friendly on the label.

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Step 1:

Pull the handle out of the jack-o-lantern and apply the first coat of primer. Let that dry for about 20 minutes. You’ll probably notice the color still peeking through, so apply a second coat of primer and let that dry completely. About 20 minutes each coat.

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Step 2:

Once the second coat of primer has dried completely, it’s time to apply the color. I actually thought this color was more bronzy but it turned out to be orange, so it’s still actually very appropriate. It’s called Satin Cinnamon if you were wondering.

We also applied 2 coats of the color to ensure complete coverage. It’s pretty much impossible to complete this without getting a little paint on you, so just embrace it! #doitforthecraft Allow the paint to dry completely.

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Step 3:

So the plant will drain properly when watered, turn the dry jack-o-lantern upside down and nail about 4 holes into the bottom.

Step 4:

Now for the fun part!

I chose these gorgeous yellow flowers, they actually match perfectly with the paint color I chose. The label on thesesaid they would last all through the cold seasons too, so we’ll see about that. They were each $6 at Walmart.

Make sure you do a comparison of the flower pot to the pumpkin. We had trouble getting the plant to fit at first. We added soil in the jack-o-lantern to make sure there was enough to touch inside. With a little fluffing and adjustments, we have a completed flower pot to go outside!

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This is the first part to the many, many fall-friendly decor ideas I have. I’d love to see your fall plant or inside decor. Post a photo on Instagram using the hashtag #NFgreenthumb and #NFcrafts !

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