Holiday Gift Guide 2015

CHRISTMAS is so close I can taste the candy canes! I absolutely love celebrating the holidays with the people I care about most. Watching the expression on faces when my friends and family open gifts is what makes all the hard shopping worth the stress. We all overthink each gift idea, hoping we know our loved one as well as we think we do.

Something I’ve always had a problem with is waiting around to shop for gifts. I always think I have plenty of time then I take a moment and realize Christmas is like a week away.

Even when my family asks me what I want I usually go blank and end up asking for random things that weren’t really on my list. However, this year I’ve thought ahead and pretty much planned everything out (surprising myself with organization) and am at ease with the Holidays quickly approaching.


Amazon Wish List (Universal):

First of all, I’ve found that adding items to your Wish List throughout the year makes Christmas time a lot easier! Whenever I find something cool, I immediately add it so I won’t forget about it!

So I don’t know if this is ‘old news’ or not but DID YOU KNOW you can add things from any website to your WishList? I’ve always loved the convenience of the Amazon Wish Lists but felt limited to the items that I could add.

Alas, I have found a solution: the universal option. Yes, that’s a thing. You can add a ‘favorites’ button to your browser (I use Google Chrome). For example, you find a pair of Converse on their website but can’t find them on Amazon? Go to that website and click your ‘Add to Wish List’ button. BAM. There you go. The world is now at your fingertips.


DIY – A Gift From the Heart:

I love receiving and giving anything handmade; it brings a warm and fuzzy feeling to know someone took the time to actually make a gift. Personalization is an advantage because you’re creation can look however you’d like.

Pinterest (duh) has endless tutorials so you’re sure to find something to make for your family and friends. A few things I find absolutely adorable are

  • Cookies Mix in a Jar – these are easy to make and you can make whatever kind of cookie mix you think your friends will like.
  • Terrariums  – I never realized how easy these were to make!
  • Body Scrub – These little jars filled with mini spa days will please any lady in your life


For this holiday season I’ve also created a Guy’s and Gal’s Holiday Gift Guide for some more specific ideas. Check ’em out!

Though this year, let’s remember it’s not necessarily about what presents you receive but who you spend the holidays with.


Stay posted for more #Blogmas on Neutral Fig!


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated or endorsed by any of these brands or products. All opinions and tips are my own.


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